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A Natural Health Magazine what some people call ShopMotherEarth ..because of the Free Natural Health Information Mother provides.  Mother also has a Natural Health Magazine you can subscribe to for free and will be sent to you by email, which by the way has plenty of Homeopathic Remedies.... Continued Below

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Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann...


Father of Homeopathy

Here at ShopMotherEarth, Mother Finds You Natural Health Remedies at The Best Price$.....) AND Mother Gives You the INFORMATION You Need To Make an Informed Decision.... This Saves You Time ....And Money.

Continued Below



....Information.......IS ON EVERY PAGE



Mother designed this site to be easy to use. On the left you have the general links where you can find what you are looking for.  

Each item will open in a new window, letting you easily go back to the ShopMotherEarth page you were using to continue shopping.

Mother created ShopMotherEarth to help spread free, natural, healthy information so that every person can learn and be healthier, especially if they are looking to be healthier in a natural way. 


Homeopathic Medicines


Mother has knowledge of Homeopathic Remedies and Homeopathic Medicines because she has had to find out about them to use for herself, due to her allergies to many medications throughout her own life. 

Mother has searched high and low all her life to find natural cures for allergies, natural herbal remedies, and natural health supplements so she can live a more natural life, and she has found that Homeopathic Medicines are the best way for her.


Gardening Tips


Mother believes in simply living a more natural, healthier lifestyle including using natural energy solutions as much as entirely possible.  Live off the GRID and enjoy it.

Mother believes in using food as medicine and growing her own food. 

You will find gardening tips inside Mother’s Healthy Newsletter... 

And like Mother's Sister always told her: always get a book with pictures. ;-))


Mother’s Blog


Mother provides gardening tips as well as more free natural health information on Mother’s blog:

You can subscribe to Mother’s blog and it will be mailed to the email address you provide in the subscription form for free. 


Mother’s Recipe Blog


Mother has a new blog with a collections of her recipes.

You can also find recipes on the pages here ar ShopMotherEarth because Mother also wants you to eat healthy.

Just in case you need something in your diet, she is providing recipes with the foods that include the minerals and/or vitamins in them.

You can see them as she puts them on each page.

You can subscribe to Mother’s new recipe blog and it will be mailed to the email address you provide in the subscription form for free.



Mother has put links from the company

on all of her pages and THAT COPANY NO LONGER EXISTS.

Please bear with us until we finish removing all the links on here to that compny. Mother thanks you.

Mother and Apologize for the Inconvenience..

The road to good living is the same road as the one to good healthy practices in the foods you eat and supplements you take, as well as exercise and techniques to promote healing, and establish a positive attitude in everything you do.




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Mother's Natural Health Magazine Newsletter


The Quality Of Natural brings you everything listed in the menu on the left....from different sources with the lowest prices currently available...

This lets you find what you are looking for........ because each store may not have everything you are trying to locate...

This also lets you keep your savings in cost...


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Because The Goal Of ShopMotherEarth Is:

TO PROVIDE YOU WITH THE BEST Natural Health Remedies, Homeopathic Medicines and Natural Living Solutions to Help You Live A Healthier Life.


Mother's Natural Health Remedies Is Where You Can Even Find Products To Help With Your Sports Nutrition Needs, Nutrition Weight Loss......Or Your Latest Popular Diets.

  Whether You Are Shopping For Everyday Health Products Or Natural Prevention, Mother's Hope Is That You Find It Here. 


Mother Brings You Homepathic Remedies To Help You Use Wisely And Preserve The Natural Lifestyle That Is Good For Your Health

....As Well As The Information Concerning Them So You Can Make An Intelligent Decision For Yourself

And Everyone Knows.... Mother Knows Best...

  Mother and the Rest of us at ShopMotherEarth Search the World to Find the Best Quality Products with the Best Prices.$$....So You Won't Have To.

     Please Continue to
 ShopMotherEarth for All Your Natural Needs So We Can Continue To Serve You.



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And Mother Thanks You for

Shopping at ShopMotherEarth....

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Please Enjoy the Information.

Mother is hopeful that she has been some help to you and if you need further information or assistance please use Contact Mother.

Mother loves to hear from you.

Sincerely, Mother

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